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  Mobile Web App

MyZmanim in your pocket!
The zmanim you need and trust…on the go.
A mobile experience.
  • Simple, efficient, super-convenient.
  • Automatic location detection.
  • Animated compass for davening direction.
  • Seamless switching to/from MZ website.
  • Android, iPhone, and other mobile platforms.
  • English, עברית, Español, Pусский, Português, Français, Deutsch.

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Frequently asked Questions
Why can’t I find it on Google Play and the Apple App store?
The MyZmanim Web App is not available in app stores. It is only available directly from

I followed your directions but I don’t see an icon on my phone. Why not?
Here's how you create an icon. Launch the MyZmanim Web App, scroll to the bottom of the page, tap Create Home Screen icon (see screenshot) and follow the directions. After that you should find a MyZmanim icon on your phone’s home screen.

Will it work on my iPad, NOOK, Nexus 7?
Yes! The MyZmanim Web App (except its compass) now supports tablets.

Does it work on Blackberry and Windows Phone?
Yes. While these devices did not undergo our rigorous quality assurance testing, they do support the underlying technologies of our web app and should work.

Does it work on the iPod touch?

Can it work without internet access?
No. An active internet connection is required.

Can I use it if my browser is completely disabled?
No. The MyZmanim Web App depends on a working browser.

Can I use it with Chrome Browser?

Can I use it with K9 web protection browser? With Firefox for Android?
Yes, but these browsers may have limited functionality. The davening direction compass might not work, and it may not be possible to create a home screen icon (in which case you'd create a bookmark instead).

How do I block my phone’s access to the internet while allowing access to the MyZmanim Web App?
By setting up a whitelist web filter as follows.

For iPhone:

iOS 7 ships with a built-in whitelist feature. Before you begin, check to make sure you are running iOS 7. (How? From your Home Screen, go to: Settings > General > Software Update.) Then do this:
  • From your Home Screen, go to: Settings > General > Restrictions.
  • Tap Enable Restrictions and enter a passcode.
  • Under Allowed Content tap Websites.
  • Tap Specific Websites Only.
  • Tap Add a Website and enter the URL
  • Tap Add a Website again and enter the URL
  • Tap Add a Website again and enter the URL
For Android:
  • At the time of this writing, Android does not yet have built-in support for web filtering, so you’d need to install a third-party filter from the Google Play store.