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Do you spend hours each year preparing a...

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Our zmanim data will enable you to create piece-of-cake shul schedules & marketing materials—for as low as $20.

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It's Fast

Plodding through 365 days of zmanim takes time. With one order, get back 10 hours of your life—and your sanity—starting at only $20.

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Running a nonprofit means there’s never enough cash. With our streamlined system, you can enjoy a silver-platter spreadsheet at a price that makes your board members grin.

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When people are relying on your zmanim to keep halachah, you can’t afford the risk of human error. Know that your calculations are automated—and that your times come with MyZmanim’s seal of reliability.

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How does it work?

1. Order

Browse spreadsheet packages and order the one that suits your needs. Packages cost as low as $20!

2. Customize

You’d like to schedule minchah 20 minutes before sunset, and a Daf Yomi shiur an hour before that. Watch our greenhorn-friendly video tutorial below to learn how to generate the columns you need—in seconds!

3. Publish

Your times are ready to go! Paste them into your calendar template, import them into Adobe InDesign Calendar Wizard, or hire a graphic designer to create a magnet that will wow donors and woo prospects.

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Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to customize your zmanim spreadsheet

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At a glance - The sample columns created in this tutorial are:

Event Scheduled for Formula used
First Shacharis 40 minutes before הנץ החמה = [Sunrise]-TIME(0,40,0)
Second Shacharis 50 minutes before סוף זמן קריאת שמע (rounded earlier to the previous 5-minute interval) = TIME(HOUR([Shema]-TIME(0,50,0)),FLOOR(MINUTE([Shema]-TIME(0,50,0)),5),0)
First Mincha 20 minutes before פלג המנחה = [Plag]-TIME(0,20,0)
First Maariv At פלג המנחה (rounded to the nearest 5-minute interval) = TIME(HOUR([Plag]),MROUND(MINUTE([Plag]),5),0)
Second Mincha 20 minutes before שקיעה = [Sunset]-TIME(0,20,0)
Daf Yomi Shiur 1 hour before second מנחה = [Mincha#2]-TIME(1,0,0)
Second Maariv At צאת ג' כוכבים = [Night3Stars]
First and Second Maariv Display two zmanim in a single cell = TEXT([Maariv#1],"h:mm AM/PM") & " / " & TEXT([Maariv#2],"h:mm AM/PM")

Include local zmanim info in your custom software

If you have a programmer on staff (or just an aspiring techie), here’s some good news: our zmanim spreadsheets can be easily imported into MS Access or other database software, and included in your applications.
To see a sample, download this Access database and double click "Boca Raton."
For a fully integrated solution, check out our robust Developer API.

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