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  Excel Spreadsheets

Zmanim data in Excel format
for your organization


MyZmanim provides zmanim data in Excel format to organizations and businesses throughout the world, enabling them to design customized calendars and plan schedules that meet their unique requirements, all for a nominal fee.

Include zmanim in your organization’s fundraising materials
Include candle lighting times and key zmanim in your fundraising calendar, magazine or magnet.

Dynamically generate shul schedules
Zmanim data in Excel format enables shuls to easily plan schedules that are based on the day's zmanim. Simply add a calculated column for each תפילה or שיעור to be scheduled. Example: suppose you are preparing a shul schedule in which mincha is to take place 20 minutes before shekiah. Rather than manually subtracting 20 minutes from each day's shekiah time, open your MyZmanim Spreadsheet and add a "Mincha" column which is calculated based on the existing "Sunset" column by using the formula B3-TIME(0,20,0). (Using a more advanced formula, you can even have Excel round all times to the nearest 5-minute interval so that "5:57" is displayed as "5:55".)

To view a sample shul schedule for Boca Raton, download this spreadsheet. Scroll to the right to see the calculated columns (highlighted in yellow) which were added by the shul:
  • First Shacharis: 40 minutes before הנץ החמה
  • Second Shacharis: 50 minutes before סוף זמן קריאת שמע
  • First Mincha: 20 minutes before פלג המנחה
  • First Maariv: At פלג המנחה (and rounded to the nearest 5-minute interval)
  • Daf Yomi Shiur: 1 hour before second מנחה
  • Second Mincha: 20 minutes before שקיעה
  • Second Maariv: At צאת ג' כוכבים
  • First and Second Maariv: Display two zmanim in a single cell
Does your organization have a programmer on staff?
Wouldn't it be nice if you could include local zmanim information in your own custom software?

Good news: zmanim spreadsheets can easily be imported into MS Access or other database software, and integrated into your applications. To see a sample, download this Access database and double click "Boca Raton." Alternatively, check our robust Developer API.

  • To embed daily zmanim into your website, free of charge, see our MyZmanim Web Widget.
  • If you are a periodical publication that goes to print more than 10 times per year with a readership of over 10,000, please send us a copy of your work to receive special offers.
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