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MyZmanim unites Jews from across the spectrum, providing everyone with the zmanim they need to properly serve Hashem.

MyZmanim provides up-to-date, detailed zmanim information for millions of locations worldwide. Whether you're in shul, abroad, or in the air, we have the zmanim you need.
Every day, thousands of people in more than 65 countries and seven languages find essential information at MyZmanim.
The official MyZmanim Calendar is printed and used in thousands of communities worldwide, making its way into shuls and homes across the globe.
MyZmanim offers a diversified array of automated services via phone, the web and SMS text messaging. Everyone can access MyZmanim in a way they find convenient. We work hard to make these services simple enough for anyone to use.
MyZmanim maximizes its impact on Klal Yisroel by providing custom zmanim services to Jewish organizations who integrate them into their own unique programs.
We maintain system monitors and an on-call staff 24 hours a day, to ensure that all of our automated services are always up and running, available to any Jewish person, wherever he may find himself.
Where does my money go?
To the servers, hardware and software, maintenance and development that keep MyZmanim's projects running and growing. This includes programming, quality assurance testing and ongoing research.

What's your goal?
As our global traffic continues to grow, our aim is to provide the best possible zmanim services, and to ensure that all information is accurate, reliable and secure.

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At MyZmanim we feel privileged to have a part in this great Kiddush Hashem, but we need your help to keep it going.