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Year 2020
I am amazed at the technical quality and sophistication, yet simplicity of the service. May Hashem grant you continued success to strengthen tefilla bzmano.
    — Yaron D., Toronto, ON
The people at MyZmanim are serious professionals who really understand the halachic chronometric and astronomic issues which are all very complex. Thank you for providing an indispensable guide.
    — Aaron P., Monsey, NY
I was in the Warsaw airport, waiting in line to board the plane, when I realized it was almost shekiah. I was amazed when I got the text from MyZmanim with the exact zman for that time zone.
    — Moshe Kohn, Brooklyn, NY
When I saw the email from MyZmanim, I felt that I have a chiyuv of hakoras hatov for all the services they provide, especially the latest addition here in the UK, the texting system, which I keep using.
    — Yiddel Stern, London, UK
The thousands of people who pass through our shul Bais Medrash Ohr Chaim @ 18 Forshay in Monsey NY daily all benefit from MyZmanim.
    — Rabbi Nachum Scheiner, Monsey, NY
I work all three shifts as a nurse and often turn to MyZmanim to figure out the best times to daven. Also very handy when making out of town arrangements.
    — Basyah Weinreb, Passaic, NJ
Your services are so precious. They enable so many people to know when to perform so many mitzvos!
    — Avromie Shechter
כבר כמה טיסות שאני משתמש עם האתר שלכם ורק רציתי לומר תודה שבזכותכם אני זוכה להתפלל בזמן לפי ההלכה.
    — אריה ליכטנשטיין
Thank you for maintaining this most essential, useful, and well-put-together service. You're the best!
    — Pesach Betzalel Fleischman, California
Thank you so much for getting me through the Omer still saying a Bracha. B’H I never forgot. You have a tremendous zechus.
    — Yael Lock
I’ve used MyZmanim countless times and it is an incredibly valuable resource. It is very helpful when I arrive at work before 6 AM and need to know the zman for Tallis and Tefillin.
    — Craig S.
MyZmanim is a first-class operation positively worthy of communal support.
    — G. Cohen, Staten Island, NY
Now that planes have tinted windows, Inflight Zmanim has become vital. I find myself using your zmanim to inform fellow flyers of the proper times to daven. Kol hakavod — there are now many, many people davening at the correct times.
    — Jay Akselrud, Staten Island, NY
Being aware of the Halachic times throughout the day keeps my appointments with קודשא בריך הוא in my mind and in my heart — and that brings me closer to the בורא של עולם.
    — Joel Gordon, Jerusalem, Israel
Thanks for being such a great resource for thousands of Torah-observant Jews throughout the world on a daily basis.
    — Lester Kirshenbaum, Woodmere, NY
No words can describe MyZmanim’s amazing work. No matter who you are, where you are, or if you’re driving or flying. MyZmanim is there for you.
    — Mayer Itzkowitz, Brooklyn, NY
Amazingly accurate app...As a frequent traveler, this is the most important app to have.
    — Michel K., Monsey, NY
What a genius technological treasure. I do not take it for granted. I have donated.
    — Milton, Canada
טסנו ביחד למעלה ממנין יהודים והתפללנו ג' תפילות וכו' ע״פ הזמנים שלכם! כולם מאוד התפעלו מזמנים המדויקים לכל טיסה!
    — משתמש מ-עתלית, ישראל
In Brooklyn, it was KIDAI
MYZMANIM let me know when to put on my tie
West Hempstead was sweet
MYZMANIM got me to put SHABBOS SHOES on my feet
BUT now in RAMAT BET SHEMESH, that’s right YISRAEL
    — R. Smith, Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel
The best app, no matter where you are in the world.
    — Timur Grafmann, Krefeld, Germany
We have tremendous hakoras hatov for providing this great chesed on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Our kehillah is indebted to MyZmanim.
    — Rabbi Dovid Horowitz, Kehillas Makor HaChaim, Encino, California
Inflight Zmanim makes me much more relaxed -- I know exactly when I may/should daven on my flight. What a huge chessed.
    — Dovid R
You’ve helped countless Jews ensure that they fulfill many of their mitzvot in time. My family and I are among them. May Hashem continue to bless you.
    — Rabbi Yaron Reuven, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Year 2019
MyZmanim encourages me to wake up in time to daven neitz: I have no excuse when it’s so easy to look up the times!
    — L.B., Flushing, NY
You are my travel companion wherever I go. You provide accurate and reliable information at all times—for all times—and in every geographic locale. You are performing an amazing service for the Jewish people and I am personally very grateful.
    — Rabbi David Etengoff, Cedarhurst, NY
As someone who works and travels all over the world, MyZmanim has been an incredible resource in facilitating my observance of Shabbat, chagim and other notable days in the Jewish calendar. I have a deep sense of gratitude for this service and what it enables me to do.
    — T. D., West Orange, NJ
MyZmanim is quick and clear. You help me every time I travel.
    — Itshak Landau, Paris, France
Your Zmaniyos Clock is so cool! As a teacher I've taught the principle of zmanim a few times. This clock is very useful for demonstrating the concept. It also puts perspective to the halachic day.
    — David D., Gibraltar
In fixing the world, a world that's gone mobile,
Leave it to MyZmanim, they make Yiddishkeit global!
Of all the things I packed with us when we made aliyah
What a comfort to find MyZmanim waiting for us here!
    — Rafael Aryeh Smith, Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel
MyZmanim helps us be meticulous in following the Shulchan Aruch—this is surely a great way to hasten the geulah! May you very soon announce that it's already the zman for the geulah.
    — Mendel Ginsberg, Brooklyn, NY
MyZmanim enables me to plan my day around my personal meetings with my Creator—whether at home or in Timbuktu.
    — Dovid T., Lawrence, NY
My go-to site for the last 12 years at least.
    — Rabbi Saj Freiberg, Miami, Florida

Year 2018
Living in the Philippines, I use MyZmanim on a daily basis. What a wonderful service!
    — Rabbi Shmuel Lozon, Clark, Philippines
Every Friday, I go to the local assisted living facility to light Shabbos candles with the residents. I use MyZmanim to know when plag is so we can begin lighting. Thank you!
    — Rochel Shlomo, Pittsburgh, PA
There is simply no easier way to find out sunrise, sunset, or candle lighting times. MyZmanim is one of my most looked at websites.
    — Rabbi Uri Pilichowski, Boca Raton, Florida
אני נוסע די הרבה, סמינרים וכדומה. בחבארובסק טומסק ביערות קארליה ובחצי האי קרים במוסקבה בפטרבורג ובעוד הרבה מקומות. תמיד תמיד מאי זמנים היה יחד איתי: קוקה קולה וגם MyZmanim...
    — הרב משה רוכלין
MyZmanim has been a fantastic resource for me. I feel blessed that there are people who’ve made it their business to keep MyZmanim running.
    — Moshe Mitchell, Haifa, Israel
MyZmanim has helped me daven b’zmano and in the correct direction—on 5 continents.
    — Rabbi Chaim Goldberg, Brooklyn, NY
I’ve never done as well with the mitzvah of counting the omer as I have since discovering MyZmanim. I am grateful!
    — Lynne Genser, Efrat, Israel
As I started becoming stronger in my observance, I realized that Judaism puts a lot of emphasis on times. Without MyZmanim it would be philosophical and interesting—but your hard work takes it from theoretical to practical.
    — Mrs. Aviva Sofer, Monsey, NY
I’ve been using MyZmanim for years, but it was never more precious to me than over the past three months while in Cairo, Egypt. Without MyZmanim I couldn't have done it.
    — Ben Schwartz, Olney, Maryland
I've always struggled to work out davening times when flying. MyZmanim Air takes out the guesswork.
    — Stephen Segal, Johannesburg, South Africa

Year 2017
Your inflight zmanim service is gevaldig: it allows me to sleep! Until now, whenever I'd fly to Eretz Yisroel, I couldn't sleep well—I was nervous about missing the zman for krias shema & shacharis. Now I set my phone alarm to the perfect zman to daven.
    — Moshe Goldberger, Brooklyn, NY
I am female. Davening shacharis is a personal struggle for me. On numerous occasions, I’ve been able to overcome this challenge thanks to MyZmanim, which tells me exactly when chatzos is arriving. The force of having that absolute deadline pushes me to open my siddur and daven.
    — Anonymous, Brooklyn, NY
I travel the world to strange locations where many Yidden don’t venture. You keep me on time, in the right direction, and fully connected.
    — Dr. Efraim Kramer, Johannesburg, South Africa
This service is my Google for zmanim.  Thank you for your wonderful contribution!
    — Matthew M., Silver Spring, MD
אני טס הרבה בעולם לצרכי כשרות, ומשתמש באתר שלכם לדעת את זמני היום. זה ממש מזכה הרבים, ואני מכיר עוד הרבה מחברי שנהנים מזה.
    — אבי, משגיח כשרות במפעלים ברחבי העולם
Our kehillah literally revolves around MyZmanim.
    — Rabbi Dovid Horowitz, Encino, CA
When I need it correct and fast, I use MyZmanim.
    — Ari Hoffman, Denver, CO
Thank you for spreading light, even as you calculate times of darkness!
    — An appreciative user, Lawrence, NY
I “whats-apped” the inflight zmanim to my husband, who received it a minute before takeoff. This is a fabulous service.
    — Kayla Krauss, Beit Shemesh, Israel
Thank you so much for your dedication and love to the Am HaYehudi.
    — Yohana Alvarado, Cancun, Mexico
I just want you to know that the alerts have helped me—a busy lady—find the time to daven mincha more frequently and also daven shacharis on time. This is technology helping our avodas Hashem.
    — Chaia Frishman, Far Rockaway, NY
I was saved many times from missing zman krias shema thanks to MyZmanim Alerts.
    — Mendel Ginsberg, Brooklyn, NY
We made aliyah, we couldn’t be gladder | But coming to shul late can make anyone sadder | Although we don’t miss a thing from chutz la’aretz, al kol panim | We had to bring you along, yasher koach MyZmanim.
    — Refoel Aryeh Smith, Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel
It’s a comfort to know that no matter where I am in the world, I can count on MyZmanim to provide me with the necessary information to function as an observant Jew.
    — Sholom Twerski, Phoenix, AZ
אני נסעתי מניו יורק לאוסטריה בלילות הקיץ הקצרים, הנסיעה התחילה מבעוד יום אחר שהתפללתי מנחה, אבל חשבתי שלתפילת מעריב יש עוד זמן ולבינתיים נרדמתי. כשנתעוררתי ראיתי שכבר החשיך הלילה, הוצאתי את לוח-הזמנים שקבלתי ע"י מאי-זמנים, ועל פיו נודעתי שיש לי עוד פחות מחצי שעה להתפלל מעריב. מיד הודעתי זאת ליהודי אחר שנסע באווירון, וגם הוא לא שם לב לזה מקודם שזמן תפילת מעריב כה קצר, ושנינו מיהרנו להתפלל, ועד שהסתדרנו אחר מעריב כבר ראינו כי האיר השחר, ורק הודות ללוח הזמנים שלכם הסתפקנו להתפלל בעוד מועד.
    — חבר מכון בעלז, ברוקלין, ניו יורק
The comprehensiveness and user-friendliness of are out of this world. Professional, streamlined and incredibly helpful.
    — D. Epstein, Merion, PA
In basic training in the IDF, I relied heavily on MyZmanim to figure out how early we could daven each morning. Keep up the great work!
    — H. Davis, Givat Shmuel, Israel
Thank you for always striving to do more. MyZmanim is not only a necessary and useful site but an inspiration.
    — Kara S., Smyrna, GA

Year 2016
The finest service of its type. Critical in preparing my travels and I am sure for others.
    — Jerry Tauber, Beit Shemesh, Israel
MyZmanim has been a huge help to me in the past. I’m happy to play a part in seeing it continue to thrive.
    — Michael H., New York City
As a military officer, your amazing service has helped me while stationed in Germany, Afghanistan, and all over the planet. I just finished a short deployment with the Hungarian Air Force, where I was completely reliant on MyZmaim for Shabbos times, zmanei tefillah, and more.
    — Ch. Maj. Joseph Friedman, Denver CO
As a mohel who travels across Europe and Asia, I often lookup Alos/Netz & Shkia times on MyZmanim to know what time I can do a bris in a particular city. Right now I'm in Tyumen, and you came through for me again!
    — Mordechai Tzvi Solomon, Mohel based in Basel, Switzerland
Incredible website. And your explanation of davening direction is first class.
    — Rabbi Doniel B., Jerusalem Israel
MyZmanim is where I turn to get reliable answers to zmanim questions. They go the extra mile to explain these complex issues, giving me confidence to follow their recommendations.
    — Dovid Levine, Brooklyn NY
I am responsible for preparing the davening schedule for my shul. MyZmanim is the basis for all board discussions pertaining to times.
    — Reb Baruch Aplebaum, Chicago IL
Thank you for this valuable tool. As I travel through different cities and time zones I know I can rely on MyZmanim.
    — Leon Elmaleh, Toronto ON
אין לי מילים להודות לכם... בכל מקום בעולם מוצאים אתכם ערוכים ומוכנים לעזור לנו.
    — רב אברהם קורניק, לונדון, אנגליה
My partner is in Freetown, Sierra Leone for his third consecutive Shabbos. Thanks to MyZmanim, he knows when Shabbos begins and ends. You've enabled yet another Jew to keep Shabbos properly.
    — M.B., Brooklyn NY
There was a mock version produced of the New York Times in 100 years from now, with headlines about robot rights etc. In the bottom corner were candle lighting times! The Irish editor explained that as long as the world exists, Jews will be lighting Shabbos candles somewhere. I am jealous of your share in shemiras Shabbos worldwide.
    — Rabbi Elisha Paul, Stamford, Connecticut
MyZmanim has been there for me ever since I started laying tefillin again after many years of not doing so. Your daily emails for earliest tallis and tefillin helped me get back on track!
    — Anonymous donor, Brooklyn, NY
I myself have been saved by MyZmanim Sefirah Alerts several times already, and I'm sure thousands have had the same. How many potential deoraisas do we do altogether? What a zechus.
    — Rabbi Asher E. from Sanhedria, Yerushalayim
I never realized how small the “window of opportunity” can be when davening on the plane. I looked out the window at the time MyZmanim noted should be alos, and was fascinated to see alos happen before my eyes. What a service!
    — Herschel W., Brooklyn, NY
If the Internet was created just for MyZmanim — dayenu!
    — M. Badush, Philadelphia, PA
I live so far from a Jewish neighbourhood; I'm completely reliant on MyZmanim. I'm so grateful.
    — Eleanor Rosen, Penzance, United Kingdom
MyZmanim has become the standard resource for all who keep halacha.
    — Rabbi Hillel Brody, Chaplain at the Louis Brier Home, Vancouver, Canada
I have to admit: when I have the MyZmanim calendar, I daven more shacharis's and minchas.
    — Mrs. Shari Vodianoi, Thornhill, Ontario
Thanks to MyZmanim Alerts, I finished the whole sefirah!! I haven't done that in years.
    — Mrs. Esther Trenk, Monsey, NY
Please accept my donation. I am honored to be a very very small part of something truly holy on the Internet.
    — Rabbi David Etengoff, Cedarhurst, NY
הרבה יהודים סביב העולם עומדים בזמנים אך ורק בזכותכם.
    — רב מאיר ליכטנשטיין, משגיח כשרות Nestlé

Year 2015
Thank you MyZmanim for enabling us to be medakdek in our mitzvos. May the tefillos you facilitate for Klal Yisrael be a zechus for our entire nation.
    — N.B., Rochester NY
מצדיקי הרבים ככוכבים לעולם ועד. היראת שמים הניכרת, הדיוק, והיעילות לכל מקום ממש.
    — דוד, רמות ירושלים
Thank you for appreciating my donation, but I feel you have done the greater mitzvah. I'm happy I have the opportunity to make a contribution.
    — Joseph B. Silver, Jerusalem Israel
This is using technology in the best possible fashion.
    — Mira Neufeld, Jerusalem Israel

Year 2014
I just took an eastbound flight leaving Motzaei Shabbat at 11:00 PM to Bangkok. With the help of your in-flight zmanim, I knew when to wake up and daven on the plane.
    — Jonathan Kowal, Yad Binyamin, Israel
As gabbai of three minyanim, I cannot imagine running a minyan without MyZmanim.
    — Justin Bral, Roslyn NY
My wife is one of the few observant nurses in her nursing home. They rely on her to know when to light candles, and she relies on MyZmanim.
    — Charles Libicki, Ashkelon Israel
MyZmanim has radically changed the way I approach tefillah b’zmano. It has made it so much easier to do the mitzvah.
    — Daniel, Miami Beach FL
I’ve been a MyZmanim member for years now and they keep getting better and better.
    — Julian Joffe, Boca Raton FL
MyZmanim is clean and easy to use. It’s based on well-documented and reliable sources, which it readily shares on the site.
    — Moshe Mayefsky, Hillside NJ
MyZmanim Sefirah Alerts is an incredible breakthrough. Imagine how many more people are now counting sefiras haomer with a berachah for the full 49 days.
    — Rabbi Shaye Rubin, Brooklyn NY
שירות לקוחות מדהים. קמתי בבוקר ולהפתעתי כבר אני רואה את תשובתך. נו – כנראה שאחד כמוך שמתעסק עם זמנים גם לא מבזבז זמן, ומיד עונה.
    — אליעזר גרינבוים, נתניה ארץ ישראל
I taught my non-observant party planners and clientele about MyZmanim. Now, whenever they have a party date, they check what time Shabbos starts and ends.
    — Magician Ben Cohen, Far Rockaway
The more I familiarize myself with this utility, the clearer it becomes that much thought, care, and יראת שמים went into its design.
    — Gary. K.
The Vilna Gaon said that of all his Rebbeim, the one whose teachings were all absolute truth was his alef-bais Rebbe. It’s good to have the opportunity to support an important community service that deals in absolute truth.
    — Rabbi Akiva Eisenberg, Manchester, New Hampshire
Dealing with MyZmanim is a pleasure. They’re prompt, courteous and always helpful.
    — M.F., Los Angeles, CA
MyZmanim is reliable, informative, and easy to use!
    — Jonathan W., New York, NY
You are the standard. Hillel would be proud.
    — Rafi Smith, West Hempstead, NY
Congratulations on developing an invaluable resource for the observant flyer! Knowing when to daven in the air has long been a thorny problem.
    — Richard Levine of Cisco Systems
Your operation is a Kiddush Hashem.
    — Jeffrey Bienenfeld, Merrick, NY
MyZmanim reminds me not only to daven on time, but also that the רבונו של עולם is all over the world.
    — Rabbi Ozer Bergman, Jerusalem, Israel
MyZmanim provides an invaluable service to Jews around the world. It well deserves the support of its users.
    — Dr. Lawton Cooper, Silver Spring, MD

Year 2013
MyZmanim is responsible for my davening 3X a day. The ER has no windows and if not for my shekiah email, I would potentially miss mincha.
    — Dr. Baruch Fertel, Cincinnati, Ohio
MyZmanim sefirah texting helped me finish sefirah last year—for the first time in my life.
    — Z. Savetsky, Jamaica, NY
Probably one of the most used websites for Orthodox Jews worldwide. Should be bookmarked on all your browsers.
    — R.S. Baltimore, MD
אנחנו בכל רחבי הודו נעזרים בכם הרבה. מישהו מכם עזר לנו אישית לסדר את הזמנים באדיבות רבה.
    — בצלאל קופצ’יק, פונה, מהרשטרה, הודו / Betzalel Kupchik, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Brilliant service. How did people go on holidays without you?
    — Anonymous, Prestwich, Lancashire, United Kingdom
בכל חודש אני מוריד את הלוחות של MyZmanim לעיר דורזנו באורוגוואי לצוות שעובד על יצוא של בשר כשר.
    — Yehoshua, Buenos Aires, Argentina
A Kiddush Hashem that keeps getting better... A state-of-the-art 21st century solution to an ancient problem... An eloquent answer to those who charge that our ancient tradition has lost touch with modern realities.
    — J.B. Merrick, NY
My shul, and even to some extent my personal hanhagos, couldn't survive without you!!
    — Rabbi B.P. Mendelson, Brooklyn, NY
Thanks for your great and very useful website. I admire your respect for all communities.
    — Rabbi Menachem Aizenman, Myrtle Beach, SC
When preparing our shul’s schedule, I trust solely your zmanim. Thank you for all of your help.
    — Rabbi Al, Shamas at Congregation Kehal Premishlan, Brooklyn, NY
I travel in my RV and use MyZmanim when I’m in the middle of nowhere.
    — Zev Savetsky, Jamaica, NY
My son is learning about zmanei tefillah in school and MyZmanim has helped him see halacha applied via modern technology. Your services are terrific!
    — Stephen Wieder, Teaneck, NJ
Besides for being incredible for the zmanim themselves, MyZmanim is sleek, tech-savvy, and easy to use. A huge Yasher Koach.
    — Shira Leff, Far Rockaway, NY
Grupo de MyZmanim, les agradezco su colaboración. Que el Eterno les bendiga mucho por su ayuda
    — Eliyahu Elisha Israel Tzion Montaez, Villavicencio, Argentina
I’m a programmer, so I have an idea of what goes into your product and how much I need it. That’s why I so appreciate it.
    — Gavriel Shemariyahu Cohen, Staten Island, NY
You guys are really on top of your game!!
    — Yehuda Gross, Brooklyn, NY
לכל העוסקים במלאכת הקודש, המשיכו לזכות קהל עדת ישראל בפעלכם הקדוש.
    — הרב מיכאל יעקב בר-לב, Pforzheim, Germany
אור הזמנים שלכם מאיר בכל העולם.
    — רב צבי נויפלד, קרית אתא, ישראל
I'm just a Yeshiva bochur, but I really, really appreciate MyZmanim. I hope that my few dollars make a difference.
    — Dovid V., Montreal

Year 2012
I really live behind the moon: I’m 80 km away from the closest Jewish community. When I first contacted MyZmanim, they addressed my concerns so kindly. Each week when I check when to light candles, I am thankful all over again.
    — Michal Christel Evenari, Tittling, Germany
MyZmanim has been integral in helping me serve Hashem with fullness of heart.
    — E.M. from The Bronx, NY
אני מאד נהנה משרותכם. כה לחי ממש ברכות עד בלי די. תקבלו בבקשה את תרומתי הקטנטונת מתוך לב רחב.
    — MyZmanim User from Nanuque, Minas Gerais, Brazil
We live part-time in the mountains of Maine. MyZmanim allows us to properly observe Shabbat starting/ending times.
    — Joe from the East Coast
Thanks to MyZmanim, I never feel lost—whatever part of the world I am in.
    — Fabian Getter, Edgware, UK
Don’t leave home without it.
    — MyZmanim User from West Orange, NJ
No Torah-abiding Jew who travels can live without MyZmanim.
    — R.S. from Baltimore, MD
MyZmanim is a benefit to all.
    — Rabbi Moshe Taub, Young Israel of Greater Buffalo and Buffalo Va'ad HaKashrut
The exact times we get from MyZmanim are extremely helpful in calculating our personal calendar. Thank you for the work you do for us and everyone.
    — Anonymous, Maalot Dafna, Jerusalem
להגדיל תורה ולהאדירה
Merci beaucoup.
    — Rabbi Emmanuel Gies, Yechiva de Bruxelles, Forest, Belgium
I have two appointment books: one for my daily schedule, and the other–MyZmanim—for my daily appointments with G-d. As always, thank you.
    — Joel Gordon, East Brunswick, NJ
המידע שכל יהודי לא יכול לזוז בלעדיו.
    — אליאב זיו, נתיבות
MyZmanim is truly a testament to bnei Torah throughout the world.
    — A.F. from Baltimore, MD
איזה עזרה מופלאה. כיהודיה בדנמרק בלי שום גישה לקהילה יהודית בסביבתי הקרובה, האתר הזה מאפשר לי לשמור על דיוק בזמנים.
    — גילי גל, Hellebaek, Denmark
Had a tight stopover early this morning and needed local Zmanim for talis & tefillin. A quick text to MyZmanim and in seconds I was answered. Thanks for a reliable service.
    — Motty, San Francisco, CA
In Scotland, the zmanim can really vary daily. We consult MyZmanim practically each day and night.
    — Bert Gilbert, Glasgow, Scotland
When I tried checking zmanim recently, the site seemed to be down and I was afraid MyZmanim went out of business. I felt bad that I hadn't contributed to help keep it running. As soon as I received the email that the site was back up, I decided to show my support by making a donation.
    — Mordechai S., Brooklyn, NY

Year 2011
I'm stationed with the US army in Afghanistan. Thanks to MyZmanim, I knew when to fast on Tishah B'Av.
    — Cpt. Warren K. Gross, Role 3, Kandahar, Afghanistan
Love it!
    — Dr. Jonathan Singer-Jordan, מעלות תרשיחא, Israel
An exceptional website; second-to-none. May you continue to help Yidden everywhere keep the Torah and remain beloved to Hakodoish Boruch Hu.
    — A long term admirer, Hendon, London
Wherever I am in the world, I know you’re just a click away. Thank you, MyZmanim, for always being there.
    — Rabbi Raphael Berdugo, Lakewood, NJ
I travel all over the world. Nothing is more helpful than MyZmanim.
    — Adam Liviem, Great Neck, NY
I can’t use your wonderful service without making a contribution. Yasher Koach times a zillion.
    — William Hill, Richmond, VA
It is a simcha in my life to have such clear halachic guidlines and accurate zmanim so easily attained. Thank you for a great and helpful website.
    — Yerachmiel Landy, Passaic, NJ
Living in a neighborhood with a small percentage of Jews, and Rabbi of a shul that can experience trouble getting a minyan, I have found your services to be very useful. With MyZmanim, I can easily determine the exact zmanim for my location and clarify whether I'm in the space of mutar or assur vadai or machloket.
    — Rabbi Daniel Kronengold, NY
As a webmaster myself, I can really appreciate an easy-to-navigate, fast, functional and nice looking website. I can see a lot of work goes into MyZmanim.
    — Webmaster at Breethink™, Lakewood, NJ
אני משתמש ב-MyZmanim הרבה כשאני בהונגריה וגרמניה. הוא ממש כלי שאין אפשרות לתאר איך היה אפשר בלעדיו.
    — משה יוסף וינברג, ישיבה כנסת יצחק, חדרה, ישראל
As a constant traveler between Jerusalem, Denver and points in between, I am dependent on you and grateful for your good works.
    — David C. Japha, Har Nof
My family spent a Shabbos in Canaan Valley, WV, a true yenemsville, and having your zmanim calendar was a real neshama saver.
    — Yehuda, Baltimore MD
…it helps me keep my appointments with G-d.
    — Joel Gordon, East Brunswick, NJ
I travel often — many times on short notice — and having access to MyZmanim has made it possible for me to daven properly wherever Hashem sends me.
    — Shmuel, Philadelphia, PA
MyZmanim helps to keep Yidden medakdek in their avodah in a time when letting things slide and punctuality are given the back seat in our society.
    — Will Coane, Hollywood, FL
The best, clearest, updated luach available; no shul or gabbai should be without one.
    — Shaul, a shul gabbai
MyZmanim has been of great benefit to me as I have been learning more about Judaism.
    — Kenneth Perkins, New Haven, CT
תודה לכם על התוכנה המדהימה
    — ר' מאיר ליכטנשטיין, משגיח כשרות
    — Rabbi Sandler, Brooklyn NY
    — L.H., Pittsburgh PA

Year 2010
I use MyZmanim all the time… I don't know what I would do without it.
    — Josh, Teaneck, NJ
I use MyZmanim to teach zmanim concepts to my students. Thank you for your wonderful website.
    — R’ Shmuel, a fourth grade Rebbi
Thank you MyZmanim for helping us be on time!
    — Judy from Brooklyn, NY
I depend on MyZmanim to determine times for all of our shul’s scheduling.
    — M.D., a shul president from Brooklyn
I cannot express my gratitude for the simple fact that you exist. I live 80 kilometers away from the closest Jewish community; thanks to you, I know when to light candles and pray.
    — a woman from Passau, Germany
Since I signed up for MyZmanim Alerts, I haven’t missed a single minchah!
    — Michael from Toronto
I’m in China and I depend on MyZmanim to daven vasikin and stick with the correct zmanim.
    — MyZmanim User
I was in a small, far out town in Spain for Pesach and MyZmanim featured times for even this location!
    — Ariel from London
מודים כל פעם מחדש על העריכה וההגשה בצורה ברורה ונעימה.
    — רב באוקראינה / Rabbi from Ukraine
מפעל נאה פעלתם! יישר כח על היוזמה והמאמץ.
    — T.A., a chazzan in Israel
MyZmanim is an invaluable tool for me; I made it my homepage.
Comprehensive, simple, fast. Never let me down for any zman in any city.
I look up the times for Shabbos for all the different communities of the people in my school. Thank you.
    — A high school student
MyZmanim is constantly aiding me in my avodas Hashem.
    — David, Washington Heights, NY.
This is what technology was made for. Yasher Koach!
    — Yair, Miami, FL
You have created a treasure for all of us
    — Alan, New York, NY
Ashreichem for enabling Klal Yisroel to perform mitzvos accurately.
    — Kalman, Brooklyn, NY
לכל העוסקים בדבר הגדול הזה ישלם ד' פועלכם בכל מילי דמיטב. חיזקו ואימצו!
    — Isaac from Buenos Aires, Argentina

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