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  Halachic Clock

Halachic Clock
Tell time the Jewish way!

Introducing an all-new visual tool for teaching teens—and adults— how to think in Jewish time

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With this new Halachic Clock, you’ll gain a new appreciation for the Jewish day. You’ll learn to tell time...Jewishly.

שעות זמניות
Using animated ticking clocks with a clean, modern design, you will finally get that AHA moment—and understand how Jewish proportional hours work.
Compare both clocks, side-by-side
See the Halachic Time tick slower in summer (when days are longer) and faster in the winter (when days are shorter).
Enjoy it in YOUR location
You’ll get automatic location detection on GPS-enabled devices, and zmanim from the Gra & Baal Hatanya and Magen Avraham. Plus, choose your lingua: English or עברית.

Fascinate your students
The Halachic Clock is a fabulous tool for teaching young learners about Jewish time. Built with sophisticated programming, it’s a beautiful example of how we can harness technology’s power to deepen our Jewish identity.

To display the Halachic clock, browse to or click/tap the current time as shown below:

On Mobile Web Site:


On Desktop Site:


How it works

The proportional hour ("שעה זמנית") is proportional to the length of the day; it equals 1/12 of the day. The proportional hour is the basis for most zmanim and the basis for the Halachic Clock.

We’re used to the idea that zmanim vary depending on the current season and where you are. But on the Halachic Clock, the zmanim never change. For example, "Latest Shema" (defined as 3 proportional hours into the day) always looks like this:

Latest shema
סוף זמן קריאת שמע

Key times and how they appear
הנץ החמה
Latest shema
סוף זמן קריאת שמע
Latest Shachris
סוף זמן תפילה
חצות היום
Earliest mincha
מנחה גדולה
Mincha ketana
מנחה קטנה
Plag hamincha
פלג המנחה
שקיעת החמה
חצות הלילה

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