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Note: You may also hear your zmanim over the phone.

Composing a Zmanim Request

Q: What should I write in my text?
A: All that is required is a location. Any of the following will work:
Q: How do I look up zmanim for other dates?
A: Include the day you want in your request. See below for examples.

Q: How do I get a full day of zmanim?
A: Indicate a date or include the word "more" in your request. See below for examples.


Text this... to get this...
"48836700" zmanim for MyZmanim Location ID 48836700 (Petach Tikva, Israel)
     - or -
     - or -
zmanim for Jerusalem, Israel
"melbourne" zmanim for Melbourne, Australia
"monsey" or "מונסי" zmanim for Monsey, NY, USA
"manchester" zmanim for Manchester, England
" more" a more elaborate zmanim listing for (Note: This response spans 2 messages.)
" tomorrow" zmanim for for tomorrow
" tuesday"
     - or -
" tue"
zmanim for for the coming Tuesday
" shabbos" zmanim for for the coming Shabbos
" 7/8/2022" zmanim for for July 8, 2022
" 10/5"
     - or -
" october 5"
     - or -
" oct 5"
zmanim for for October 5 of the current year
     - or -
"october 5"
     - or -
"oct 5"
zmanim for October 5 of the current year, for the last location you looked up
Request to be transferred to a MyZmanim representative so that you can ask a question or provide user feedback.
" Text a ditto mark (double-quote) to request current zmanim for the last location you looked up.
        Note: Keywords are not case-sensitive.

Sample SMSDescription
Dawn_5:49/6:03 72 minutes _ Degrees / Fixed
Talis_6:23 Earliest Talis & Tefillin
Netz_7:15:40 Sunrise At sea level
Shema>MA_8:57/9:04Latest Shema
Magen Avraham _ Degrees / Fixed
Shema>Gra_9:40 Latest Shema Gra & Baal Tanya
Shachris_10:28 Latest Shachris Gra & Baal Tanya
Midday_12:05 Midday & Midnight
Mincha_12:36 Earliest Mincha - LeChumra
Plag_3:54 Plag HaMincha - Gra
Shkia_4:54 Sunset At sea level
Night_5:39 Nightfall 3 stars
72Min_6:07 Nightfall R' Tam _ Degrees / Fixed
[CandLight_4:36] Candlelighting Erev Shabbos
[FastEnds_5:30/5:33] Fast Ends
R' Tukaccinsky / R' Moshe Feinstein