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For 17 years, we’ve provided zmanim texts FREE for Yidden across the world — and that makes us happy!

Due to ever-rising costs of commercial texting (as well as the service's booming popularity!), we are no longer able to continue offering this as a free service.

We're so sorry!

Starting in March, textback users will be asked to pay a small fee for a full year of texts.

If you don't want to pay, you can still get zmanim FREE by calling our Infoline, by visiting our website, or by launching our mobile app — anytime.

Again — we're sorry we can't continue providing textbacks for free.

The People at MyZmanim

MyZmanim TextbackSM

Get zmanim by text!
Simply text your location and get back zmanim info instantly.

All mobile carriers supported!

Send a text to...

    (516) 261-6262

Note: You may also hear your zmanim over the phone.

Composing a Zmanim Request

Q: What should I write in my text?
A: All that is required is a location. Any of the following will work:
Q: How do I look up zmanim for other dates?
A: Include the day you want in your request. See below for examples.

Q: How do I get a full day of zmanim?
A: Indicate a date or include the word "more" in your request. See below for examples.


Text this... to get this...
"11229" zmanim for ZIP code 11229 (Brooklyn, NY)
"48836700" zmanim for MyZmanim Location ID 48836700 (Petach Tikva, Israel)
     - or -
     - or -
zmanim for Jerusalem, Israel
"melbourne" zmanim for Melbourne, Australia
"monsey" or "מונסי" zmanim for Monsey, NY, USA
"manchester" zmanim for Manchester, England
"11229 more" a more elaborate zmanim listing for 11229 (Note: This response spans 2 messages.)
"11229 tomorrow" zmanim for 11229 for tomorrow
"11229 tuesday"
     - or -
"11229 tue"
zmanim for 11229 for the coming Tuesday
"11229 shabbos" zmanim for 11229 for the coming Shabbos
"11229 7/8/2023" zmanim for 11229 for July 8, 2023
"11229 10/5"
     - or -
"11229 october 5"
     - or -
"11229 oct 5"
zmanim for 11229 for October 5 of the current year
     - or -
"october 5"
     - or -
"oct 5"
zmanim for October 5 of the current year, for the last location you looked up
Request to be transferred to a MyZmanim representative so that you can ask a question or provide user feedback.
" Text a ditto mark (double-quote) to request current zmanim for the last location you looked up.
        Note: Keywords are not case-sensitive.

Sample SMSDescription
Dawn_5:49/6:03 72 minutes _ Degrees / Fixed
Talis_6:23 Earliest Talis & Tefillin
Netz_7:15:40 Sunrise At sea level
Shema>MA_8:57/9:04Latest Shema
Magen Avraham _ Degrees / Fixed
Shema>Gra_9:40 Latest Shema Gra & Baal Tanya
Shachris_10:28 Latest Shachris Gra & Baal Tanya
Midday_12:05 Midday & Midnight
Mincha_12:36 Earliest Mincha - LeChumra
Plag_3:54 Plag HaMincha - Gra
Shkia_4:54 Sunset At sea level
Night_5:39 Nightfall 3 stars
72Min_6:07 Nightfall R' Tam _ Degrees / Fixed
[CandLight_4:36] Candlelighting Erev Shabbos
[FastEnds_5:30/5:33] Fast Ends
R' Tukaccinsky / R' Moshe Feinstein