Technology is powerful—and MyZmanim has harnessed it to generate a revolution.

Welcome to MyZmanim

Using a remarkable array of digital tools, from cutting-edge database systems to sophisticated aircraft tracking technology, MyZmanim ensures that every Jew on Earth can observe millennia-old laws and customs.

The venture is entirely non-profit; nearly all services are offered free of charge.

Our world is fast becoming technology-centric, and MyZmanim welcomes the progress. Wherever technology takes us, MyZmanim will be there—employing the latest and greatest in service of the Jewish people.

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Mobile App

Offers newest features including weather-aware zmanim information and idiot-proof countdown timers.

Online lookup

Provides the most detailed zmanim information available. For increased precision of sunrise/sunset times, users may enter their elevation profile and atmospheric temperature and pressure.

In Flight

Empowers air travelers to daven in the proper time. Using advanced aircraft tracking technology, MyZmanim collects and stores actual flightpath data, which are used to reliably calculate in-flight zmanim for most commercial flights worldwide. Enter a flight number and departure time, and receive a zmanim PDF in your inbox.


The official MyZmanim Calendar is printed and used in thousands of communities throughout the world.


Provides organizations with requested zmanim data in an easily integrable Excel Spreadsheet format. This enables organizations and non-profits to include zmanim information in customized calendars and promotional materials.


Alerts sent via SMS or email, and scheduled based on sunrise/sunset in the recipient’s locale—help thousands remember to perform daily, time bound mitzvos (eg. mincha, candlelighting, omer count).


This ensures that Jews of all types—even those without Internet or tech-savvy—can get the info they need by simply dialing a phone number. Features local access numbers in the US, Canada, UK and Israel..


Send a text and get a text back with the zmanim. Features local numbers in the US, Canada, UK and Israel.

Web Widget

Enables shuls and organizations to display zmanim info on their websites by copying a block of code and pasting it into their HTML.

Mobile Web Site

Features automatic location detection, as well as a davening-direction compass. This means that if you’re traveling—and not quite sure where you are—you can still find out exactly when and where to daven.

Developer API

MyZmanim opens the doors to developers, allowing them to explore new ways of bringing zmanim and technology together. Developing zmanim-powered solutions with the MyZmanim API is a breeze. The possibilities are endless.